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The last weeks of pregnancy
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25 things to do before giving birth

You are nearly there! It's the last weeks or months of your pregnancy and baby will soon be here. So what should you be thinking about? Doctissimo's got a list of 25 things to do BEFORE you give birth.

To do BEFORE the birth
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  • Get away: Romantic getaways will have become distinctly more difficult to arrange after the birth. So whether it’s Venice, Shropshire, a cultural weekend break or a pretty little cottage by the sea, this is the perfect time to find yourselves in love again before the big event.
  • Stock up: If your adored other half is not 100% dedicated to cooking and food shopping, begin filling up the freezer as soon as possible with good food and the kind of items you are going to need. For example, you know that zinc encourages the production of hormones while vitamin c helps fight infections, encourages healing and plays a role in the absorption of iron.
  • Take a trial run: Think through the route to get you to the hospital when you go into labour, then do some practice runs at different times of the day to calculate how much time you’ll need with or without traffic. Come up with a ‘plan b’ in case there are road works that have sprung up by chance on the actual day.
  • Pamper yourself: Look after your feet (even if you can no longer see them) and pop in for a pedicure before the birth. It is always important to take care of yourself and keeping yourself looking beautiful is never vain!
  • See it: Go and see a film, or why not several, but at the cinema rather than in your living room. Soon, you’ll be watching a lot of films on DVD on a much smaller screen. Even though your VOD site will adore you as their most loyal customer, you’ll be missing out on the little miracle they call the 7th art and the wonderful cinematic experience. And it is a good chance for a little outing too...
  • Get knitting: It’s never too late to learn how to.... knit! Firstly, because it is therapeutic, and secondly because there is nothing like actually making something for your child. Don’t just leave it to your grandmother-in-law. You can easily find books and CDs for beginner’s knitting. And ignore rude remarks and accusations of tackiness because one day, these people will be asking you where that sweet little jumper came from...
  • Skin care: Massage your stomach and breasts regularly to get as much elasticity into your skin and muscles as possible. You will achieve supple skin and avoid stretch marks and other effects on your skin linked to pregnancy. There are various products on the market for massage, including wheat germ, mandarin and lavender oils and rubs.
  • Have a good look: Visit the maternity ward you have chosen, speak to the medical team, ask them about the equipment in the ward and get them to explain it to you and also visit the delivery room. Now you’ll have all the info on the big day.
  • Study up: Start reading children’s books to plunge yourself head first into this new world that is so close and yet so far. In that way, you won’t be stuck for lullabies to sing, stories to tell your little one or for nursery rhymes to teach her.
  • Go for comfort: Get some comfy clothes, for the later days of pregnancy and also for after the birth. Remember that your stomach and breasts won’t deflate overnight. Plan suitable clothing for breast-feeding as well.
  • Prepare your birth music: Buy CDs and prepare yourself some music compilations that you will want to listen to whilst you wait in the maternity ward. But remember: we’re talking about calm and soothing music. Get used to relaxing to this music before your due date, when you come to be in labour this ‘training’ will definitely reveal itself as a god-send in the uphill struggle.
  • See to your teeth: Make a dentist’s appointment. Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can have an effect on your gums (which swell and soften) and encourage decay if you ignore the problem. You must go for a dental check-up and drink chamomile infusions regularly to compliment dental care if you gums are irritated.
  • Make use of today’s technology: Surf the web, it’s an inexhaustible mine of information on all subjects, including pregnancy, the baby and motherhood… You can also chat away on the numerous online discussion forums; exchanging experiences, making friends and getting heaps of advice. Don’t deprive yourself of such a great resource.

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Posted 14.06.2011


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