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A beautiful pregnancy
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Pregnant and beautiful in all ways

Being pregnant is a tremendous shift in a woman’s life. Her body changes and she knows she will soon acquire the new status of motherhood. Sometimes an expectant mum can lose track of her own beauty during the 9 months of pregnancy upheaval. So here’s some tips on how best to deal with pregnancy without losing sight of your beautiful self.

1. Take care of your body

Pregnant and beautiful
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As your body keeps changing, it is essential, now more than ever, that you take proper care of it and make it yours again. Essential oil massage, aromatherapy and relaxation baths are all fantastic ways to take a well-deserved break and let yourself be pampered. Body beauty care especially designed for pregnant women is wide-ranging and you should make the most of it.

2. Keep busy and fit

Of course, your pregnant state demands that you take a few precautions, but this doesn’t mean you should altogether quit engaging in your usual activities; quite the contrary. Keeping fit is essential if you want to feel great physically as well as psychologically, but also in order to prepare for childbirth. Don’t give up going to the gym with your friends, but do seek medical advice from your doctor if you’re fearful of overstraining yourself.

3. Enhance your natural beauty

Don’t stop wearing makeup just because you’re pregnant. Add a shade of colour to emphasize your glowing complexion and seek advice from your perfumer on the best available products for pregnant women. Prevent dark spots and the pregnancy mask by avoiding exposure to the sun. If the spots were already there, correcting lotions can help conceal the most visible ones.   

4. Flaunt your beautiful curves

A curvy figure is the epitome of womanliness and makes you ever more beautiful as days go by, so you needn’t hide it. Don’t be afraid to proudly show your round belly and, of course, your new bosom with a sexy décolleté and you’ll be certain to inspire both admiration and envy.

5. Get the right clothes for you

Being pregnant shouldn’t be synonymous with wearing ample t-shirts and shapeless dresses. An increasingly large number of fashion designers are focusing their attention on pregnant women by creating tailored pastel-coloured or bold colour dresses, pants and tops, that show off your baby bump in the best possible way. Be proud.

6. Make the most of accessories

There is much more on the market than just a couple of dresses to make you look dazzling. A scarf tied round your belly is a timeless classic. Go for a round-shaped handbag or slender outlines for a contrast to your bump.  

7. Look after your skin

Like all mothers-to-be, you fear those nasty stretch marks. Know that the best treatment is prevention, by rubbing stretch mark cream, or nourishing oil onto your belly, thighs, hips and bottom from early pregnancy onwards. You should also massage your breasts with a nourishing cream or oil so as to prepare them for the upcoming increase in volume. In order to prevent skin dryness, which is very common during pregnancy, use gentle and perhaps more slightly oily skin moisturizers than usual.

8. Eat reasonably and healthily

If you want to preserve your femininity and show off your gorgeous curvy figure, it’s important that you don’t gain too much weight during pregnancy. The key lies in a varied and balanced diet, with particular emphasis on fruit and vegetables. If you get the impression that you’re putting on too much weight, don’t go on a crash diet or you may deprive your baby of essential nutrients. Speak to your doctor instead and he’ll help you get back on track.

9. Don’t forget about dad

The first person to appreciate your pregnancy beauty is your partner. So, don’t devote yourself exclusively to the baby growing inside of you and keep an eye on staying physically attractive, romantic and in love.

In a word, be the beautiful woman that you are!  

Posted 27.09.2010


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