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A beautiful pregnancy
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Hair and makeup tips

The tone and colour of your skin can alter when you're pregnant, and your hair may also change in quality, quantity and manageability. Here's some tips to help you combat these beauty blips.

Make-up tips

Hair and makeup tips
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The tone and colour of your skin can alter when you're pregnant so you may want to change your usual make-up routine. Have a facial and treat yourself to some new products.

Fine lines or wrinkles

If your skin gets drier than usual, any lines look more obvious. Stop using shiny or glittering eye shadows, heavy foundations, and coloured powders - they draw attention to lines and wrinkles.

Extra greasy skin

To combat this, use an astringent lotion, oil-free foundation, and finish your make-up with translucent powder.

Extra dry skin

If your skin becomes so dry that it flakes, it's best to stop wearing make-up. Keep on moisturizing your skin well. Otherwise, use an oil-based film of foundation and some powder to help to slow water loss. Thick, creamy moisturizers will also act as a barrier to water loss on dry patches.

High colour and spider veins

Stipple a thin, light coat of matt foundation on to your cheeks - use a beige colour that's free of any pink. When it's dry, cover with your regular foundation and some translucent powder.

Dark circles

Put on a thin layer of foundation, stipple on an under-eye cover-up cream, and leave to dry. Cover with another thin layer of foundation and blend well. Finish with translucent powder.

Hairstyle tips

During pregnancy, many women find that their hair changes in quality, quantity, and manageability.

The high levels of hormones stop your usual cycle of hair growth and loss. Usually some hair grows and some is lost every day. When you're pregnant, your hair is arrested in the growth phase.

After delivery, the cycle passes into a resting phase and you might lose masses of hair. Hair loss can go on for up to two years and may be alarming, but don't worry, it will stop - pregnancy never causes baldness. The hair you lose once your baby is born is simply the hair you would normally have lost throughout the whole of the nine months of pregnancy.

If your hair is more difficult to manage, think about changing to a simpler hairstyle that's easier to care for. Choose the mildest shampoo you can find. When you wash your hair, use only one application of shampoo, massage gently to a lather, leave for 30 seconds, and rinse off.

Body and facial hair may increase in quantity and it may even become darker in colour.

Posted 30.06.2010


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