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Pregnancy emotions: ‘survival’ guide
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Emotional guide – weeks 14 to 26

Around the 10th week of pregnancy, the rollercoaster of emotions will calm and fatigue and nausea usually disappear as human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) levels begin to even out.

“Why do I feel the way I do?”

Emotions – weeks 14 to 26
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During weeks 16 to 20, you will start to feel the baby’s first movements – something that can feel quite surprising, but also make you a little nervous. A particular hormone is also working to relax your muscles, which can cause constipation or heartburn and can make you feel weak as a consequence, especially if symptoms persist.

To help you feel better, use the following guide:

Emotional action plan for the 2nd trimester

1.  Listen to gentle music. Several studies have shown that, from the 20th week of pregnancy onwards, the foetus can hear and react to sounds. Play some relaxing music CDs and let the music take over your body: this simple remedy will help to strengthen the connection between you and your baby.

2.  Try acupuncture. This is used to combat many pregnancy-related complaints: morning sickness, heartburn, constipation etc. But acupuncture can also make childbirth less painful and help you to control anxiety.

3.  Take a holiday, a few days of total rest with your partner. This time is ideal for a holiday as you’re still feeling quite energetic and you can still travel by air. If you do decide to go on holiday, go somewhere sunny (but use sun protection) and show off your lovely round belly on the beach.

4.  Join an aqua gym class for pregnant women. It’s more fun and beneficial than swimming. You will feel as light as a feather in the water and these classes will help you to meet other women in the same condition as you.

5.  Treat yourself. Take the time to think about yourself, get a massage for example: it’s relaxing, makes you feel good and leaves you time to reflect upon things serenely. Shiatsu is very effective: this method teaches you various positions and relaxes you via pressure points on different crucial areas: toes, hands, wrists and knees.

Posted 18.01.2011


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