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A sensual pregnancy
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Sensual massage during pregnancy

A loving massage can be relaxing and highly erotic for you and your partner, and reinforces the feelings of love and tenderness you have for each other, particularly if making love is difficult for some reason. Begin with loving hugs, cuddles, and stroking, then take it in turns to massage each other all over, from head to toe. Use slow, sensuous hand movements and plenty of massage oil.

A shared pleasure

Sensual massage
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Massage is a way of discovering what gives you sensual pleasure, so let yourself be open to the experience and see what happens. You may both be pleasantly surprised at how sexy it feels to have certain parts of your bodies that you'd never thought of as erotic caressed by your partner.

Preparing for massage during pregnancy

Choose a time when you're not likely to be disturbed (switch on the answering machine and put your mobile on to voicemail). Spend a little time getting your bedroom ready, making sure it's warm and comfortable. If your bed is too soft for giving a massage, put a mattress, duvet, or a pile of folded blankets on the floor and cover them with a large, clean towel or sheet. Dim the lighting, light some scented candles if you like them, and play some gentle music to create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere.

Lubricating the skin

It's best to use a proper massage oil or lotion - you'll find that hand cream or ordinary body lotion is absorbed into the skin too quickly, and baby oil leaves an oily film on the skin. Warm the oil before you use it (the simplest way is to put the bottle in a bowl of warm water) and check that your hands are warm and your fingernails are short and smooth. When you're giving the massage, pour some oil into your hands and smooth it on to your partner's skin. Never just pour the massage oil directly on to your partner; it doesn't feel good as well as being wasteful and messy.

Touching intimately

Lightly coat your fingertips with massage oil and delicately trace the outlines of each other's lips, cheeks, jaws, ears, and neck. Then, using plenty of oil, work your fingers and the palm of your hands sensuously over breasts, chest, sides, and abdomen, and across the shoulders and down the arms. Stroke firmly up the inside of each thigh in turn, using the lightest of finger pressure on the return stroke. Always handle her breasts carefully as they will be tender.

Sensual massage is good for you

Use sensual massage as a source of pleasure in itself, or as part of your foreplay.

Sensual massage is a lovely way of keeping up a close physical relationship with your partner during your pregnancy, especially if intercourse isn't possible for medical reasons, or if you find it uncomfortable or undesirable. If you make the massage as sexy as possible, and masturbate each other while you do it, both of you will probably be able to reach orgasm without penetration. If you're still having intercourse, use sensual massage as a loving, prolonged, and highly effective method of foreplay.

Sensual massage is good for your baby

  • From about the fifth month onward, your baby may feel stroking movements through your abdomen, which she'll find very comforting and soothing.
  • Learning to massage your own and your partner's body during pregnancy will help you to soothe your baby through touch after her birth.
  • Continue to massage your baby after she's born: babies find massage soothing too.

Posted 30.06.2010


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